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Changing Gears, Gurnee Defensor Method Class

Sunday Afternoon Class

Changing Gears Defensor Method Class at Changing Gears in Gurnee, IL 


This Class has been placed on hold due to poor attendance. For further information and private classez, plplease contact Nate DefeDefensor: 847-239-3990,

Facebook Page:

Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Beginners-intermediate class)

Fees: Monthly fee: $50 per month, Drop-In fee: $20 per class/per diem

Instructor: Mahaguro Nate Defensor

Email :

Phone: 847-239-3990


This is a 2 hour class full of material for beginners, & intermediate.  Participants learn Defensor Method exercises, drills, calisthenics, cardio fighting exercises,  weapon knowledge, reflex drills, strength training, cardio, fighting principles/drills, sparring, sensitivity drills, equipment training, 12-categories of weapons training, and differing ranges of combat.  This is a class geared towards self-defense, weapon familiarity, threat awareness, and mental readiness in a Warrior Art that has been handed down through the centuries.   The Defensor Method of Filipino-Indonesian Martial Arts draws its knowledge base from the rich Martial History & Traditions of Filipino-Indonesian Martial Arts of SouthEast Asia.


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