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Defensor Method DVDs for Sale


DVD's For Sale.

Contact Jason Brigham at  630-488-2834 or email.

COST: $20 per DVD plus $5 shipping anywhere in US. For most DVDs.

 Cost for Defensor Method DVD Level 1abc - 2abc:

Level 1a - $20, Level 1b - $20, Level 1c-$40. Combo 1A, 1B, 1C - $80.

Level 2abc DVDs are double set @ $50, 2 DVDs per Level.

Level 2a - $50, Level 2b - $50, Level 2c - $50. Combo 2a, 2b, 2c - $150.


Defensor Method (DM) DVD’s to date as of 3/26/2015.

DM 64 attacks.  The 64 Attacks from Pekiti -Tirsia done from beginning to end.  Also includes 5 attacks two man drill and Break in/Break out 2 man drill.  With Mahaguro Nate Defensor and Guro Jason Brigham.

DM Balisong/knife DVD.  Learn basic, intermediate, and advanced Balisong openings, Double knife vs. Double knife, Double knife Echikete, plus Dm knife Dumog! With Mahaguro Nate Defensor, Guro Jason Brigham, Dave Mcara, and JoyDM level 1a.  This is the level 1a requirements for the Defensor Method.  Required material for level 1a graduates.  Footwork, Angles of Attack, DM Sikaran(kicking),DM Panatukan (punching), and DM basics.  With Mahaguro Nate Defensor, “Sapu” Bob Lorenz, Tom Giles, Eric Meyer.

DM Classic Level 1 Supplemental DVD.  This is an awesome DVD.  It contains DM Level 1 material par excellance.  It was filmed at the old loft on Lincoln Ave and contains; DM warm-ups, DM footwork, DM single stick, DM Double stick, DM Muay Thai, DM Sikaran, DM Panatukan,  DM angles of Attack 1-12, Largo Mano angles of Attack 1-5,  DM Hubad Lubad, and more!  Great Study aid! Almost 2 hours of Classic DM footage from circa 2004. DM techniques performed by Aaron Watkins(RIP), Lukas, Mahaguro Nate Defensor, Gautam Sektar, Sid “Vicious” Stien, Guro Jason Brigham, and special cameo by Voodoo(RIP).

DM Seminar 8/2008 DVD.  This is the weekend seminar from August 2008 and contains DM Double Stick, DM angles of Attack 1-12, DM Single stick, DM Sikaran, DM Panatukan, DM Knife, DM knife tapping,  DM Silat, and DM Lock and Block.  With Mahaguro Nate Defensor, Tom Giles, Eric Meyer, Dave Mcara, Prof. Demitrio Ruiz, Guro           Jason Brigham.

DM Dos Manos.  Dos Manos means “two hands” and it deals with larger, heavier weapons.  It contains DM angles of Attack, DM counters, Disarms, Takedowns, Largo Mano Dos Manos.  With Mahaguro Nate Defensor, Tasso Ketsios, Tom Giles, Eric Meyer, and Guro Jason Brigham.

DM Silat.  Pentjak Silat as taught by Mahaguro Nate Defensor.  It contains Basics of Silat; Footwork, striking, juros, lankas, sambuts and 4 stepping.  Lots of material on this one!!  With Mahaguro Nate Defensor, “Sapu” Bob Lorenz, Eric Meyer, Joy Dejarden, Guro Jason Brigham.

DM Knife Tapping DVD.  DM Knife tapping is from Pekiti -Tirsia Kali.  It contains single tapping, double tapping, attached/disattached, third hand principle, plus more!!  This one is filmed at an advanced pace, kind of a cliff notes for DM knife tapping.  With Mahaguro Nate Defensor and Guro Rich Draney.

DM Seguidas. This DVD contains the Defensor Method Seguidas as taught by  Nate Defensor.  It is a combination of striking, footwork, and hand checking done solo to burn into muscle memory offensive and defensive combinations of the Single Stick or the L ong and Short Weapons.

DM Serrada. This DVD contains the basics of Serrada Counters, a single stick training system to improve one's  mastery of the Medium Range of stick  and empty hand fighting. Serrada is a system of Escrima founded by the late Grandmaster Angel Cabales.

DM Stick Dumog. This DVD contains grappling, locking, takedowns & drills with the stick at close range. A very popular title.

DM LEVEL 1 B. Continuing Level 1 training.  Single siniwali, double siniwali, single stick drills, and more!

DM LEVEL 1 C.  Finishing up the requirements for level 1!  Single stick counters, disarms, knife basics, grips, hubad lubad, and takedowns!

Combo 1A, 1B, 1C-$80

DM LEVEL 2 A.  Contains the Defensor Method curriculum for Level 2a. Two DVD set, cost: $50. Includes: Panuntukan combos, defenses, maneuvers. Basic Sikaran & Muay Thai drills, basic rolls & falls, etc..

DM LEVEL 2 B.  Contains the Defensor Method curriculum for Level 2b. Two DVD set, cost: $50. Includes: DM counters, disarms, sumbradas, solo baston drills, echikite, largo mano, etc...

DM LEVEL 2 C. Contains the Defensor Method curriculum for Level 2c. Two DVD set, cost: $50. Includes: Double Stick 4/6/8/12 counts. 6-Count vs Single Stick variations, Fraile, Knife Tapping/Finishing moves, Daga Hubad-Lubad, & other principles of fighting.

Combo 2a, 2b, 2c - $150.00

DM TAKEDOWNS.  These are the Silat/Dumog takedowns for level 1 and 2.  12 takedowns.

DM ESPADA Y DAGA PART 1.  DM stick and dagger techniques.  Basics, angles of attack, blocks, counters, disarms, takedowns, DM 1-4-1 sumbrada, DM sumbrada, Full 10 count sumbrada, DM stick Dumog, and more!

DM RETREAT SEMINAR 2006.  Weekend seminar covering various DM topics including; Four stepping, 64 attacks, DM serrada, Silat, siniwali, and more!

DM MEXICO CITY SEMINAR 2008.  EN ESPANOL. DM seminar in Metepec, Mexico covering disarms, siniwali, silat, and the blind princess numerada from the Floro Villabrille.

DM MEXICO SEMINAR 2007.  EN ESPANOL.  DM Seminar Mexico city, Mexico 2007.  Single stick, Muay thai, panatukan, silat, and more!

DM BEAT DOWN CHOW DOWN SEMINAR.  FROM 2/2010, DM seminar with Mahaguro Nate Defensor and the Garuda studios Kuntao Silat taught by Guro Joe Judt and Guro Sam Clark.  Kuntao Silat, disarms, knife, panatukan, dumog, and more!

DM Jefferson, Wisconsin Seminar January 2011.  Seminar with Mahaguro Nate Defensor  & Guro Jason Brigham covers knife tapping,  double stick warmups/disarms, panuntukan,  DM Internal Arts/BaGua/QiGong & Espada y Daga.

DM Jefferson, Wisconsin Seminar PART 2-March 2011. Seminar with Mahaguro Nate Defensor  & Guro Jason Brigham covers knife tapping,  double stick warmups/disarms, panuntukan,  DM Internal Arts/BaGua/QiGong & Espada y Daga.