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Defensor Method Testing Requirements

Guro Nate Defensor has developed the Defensor Method from what he believes to be the best Filipino systems and integrated them into a system that can be personalized to fit the student.

DM Level 1 Requirements (PDF):
Level 1A
Level 1B
Level 1C

DM Level 2 Requirements (PDF):
Level 2A
Level 2B
Level 2C

DM Level 3 Requirements (PDF):

Level 3A

DM Level 4 Requirements (PDF):
(Coming soon)

DM Level 5 Requirements:
(Coming soon)

Upon Completion of any of the above requirements, students are encouraged to teach that Level acheived to classmates and/or conduct a class/club/school/privates in Levels 1-5.

White Shirt Requirements (Full Instructor):
Obtain a list by contacting in writing to Maha Guro Nate Defensor