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DM CLASS @ Box Evanston

Saturday Evanston DM Classes 1-2pm

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Location: @ Box Evanston, 840 Dodge, Evanston, IL 60303

Cost: $25 per class, $80 per month 
Current members: $20 per class, $70 per month
Defensor Method of Filipino Martial Arts is a complete system that enables you to turn your whole body and anything around you as a weapon. These arts are thought to be weapon based only but in actuality it is a complete system of self-defense. You will learn fighting drills using the stick, knife, staff and the whole body as a weapon. Edge weapons, Impact Weapons, Firearm disarms, & Empty Hand combative/functional skills are emphasized. Benefits from this type of training nclude fitness, cardio, health enhancements, relaxation, mental clarity, coordination, dexterity & awareness

Instructor: Guro Nate Defensor

This is a ONE-hour class full of material for beginners, intermediate & advanced students.  Participants learn a full gamut of Defensor Method exercises, drills, calisthenics, weapon knowledge, reflex drills, strength training, cardio, fighting principles/drills, sparring, sensitivity drills, equipment training, 12-categories of weapons training, and differing ranges of combat.  This is a class geared towards self-defense, weapon familiarity, threat awareness, and mental readiness in a Warrior Art that has been handed down through the centuries.   The Defensor Method of Filipino-Indonesian Martial Arts draws its knowledge base from the rich Martial History & Traditions of SouthEast Asia. Private sessions available at this location upon request, contact Guro Nate Defensor: 847-239-3990, .

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