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DM Saturday Class Evanston

The United States Midwest Kung-Fu Association

1402 Greenleaf , Evanston.IL 60202 (near Ashbury Ave)


Time: 10am - 11am  Saturdays  Beginners Class

          11am - 12pm Saturdays  Advance Class


Introductory Fee: $15 per class - $79 per month (2 hrs), $50 per month (1 hr)

Beginner’s Class: 10am–11am /  Advance: 11am – 12pm

Learn to use your entire body as a weapon & tool in defending yourself.  Practice the Filipino Martiall Arts to take advantage of any hand held object as a weapon for self-defense. In Kali-Eskrima we turn any hand held object into a weapon to defend ourselves in and also use the same movements without a weapon to fight off any attackers in a vio ldnet altercation.  This Art was used during World War   II and during the Spanish Occupation of the Philippines. / Privates Available   

847-239-3990  /