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DM Silat/Dirty Boxing 4-Week Course

DM Silat/Dirty Boxing Course for 4 Sessions



4-Week Course In

Defensor Method Empty Hands, Silat, & Dirty Boxing

Fitzgerald’s Martial Arts Hyde Park

Featuring: Guro Nate Defensor

“Defensor Method Silat/Dirty Boxing Course”


Course Fee: $80.00

2:30pm – 4:30pm  4 Sessions 

Dates: 7/35/15, 8/1/15, 8/8/15, & 8/15/15



For more information:

Call Nate at 847-239-3990 or 
Email/PayPal: to prepay

Address: 1742 East 55th Street

         Chicago, IL 60615 773-643-5648

4-Week Course in Defensor Method Empty Hands & Dirty Boxing. The first hour each session concentrates on Silat, Kicking & Grappling. Learn Entries, Strike patterns, Locks, Takedowns, Partner Drills, Djuroes, grappling, & kicking drills. The second hour of the course concentrates on covering "Dirty Boxing" or Panuntukan This willl emphasize the Empty Hands training of Filipino Martial Arts training taught & passed on by Grandmasters Lucky Lucaylucay, Juanito LaCoste, Max Sarmiento, & Leo T. Gaje. A big part of Defensor Method. "Panuntukan/Dirty Boxing" specializes in very close range and will enhance any practitioner's close range skills, reflexes, & timing.


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