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DM Videos


Tuesday Class synopsis held in Chicago at the Maya Essence Center featuring Defensor Method .  Watch Video


You Tube

  1. Defensor Method(DM) Combat Hit drills. 3 people surround the central person,the 5th person is a "pointer." The central person counters the various strikes.   Watch Video

  2. DM"Hip"six count siniwali,forehand and backhand. Solo and partner drills.       Watch Video

  3. Here is standard six count, done changing position and levels. Start standing, change to kneeling, then laying down, then reverse the process.  Watch Video

  4. More stick fighting on the beach. Armored full contact sparring. .   Watch Video

  5. Serrada Eskrima counters,or counterattacks, angles 1-12. Serrada Eskrima was founded by GM Angel Cabales.  Watch Video

  6. Maha Guro Nate Defensor and Guro Rich Draney demonstrate basic knife drills taught in DM. Rattan sticks (daggers) are used in the video.   Watch Video

  7. Maha Guro Nathan Defensor, founder of the Defensor Method, explains common concepts in the Filipino Martial Art of Kali Eskrima Arnis. Rattan Sticks, bahi sticks, and kamagong sticks are primarily used in the system.   Watch Video

  8. Angles of Attack DM single stick solo, standard footwork, male triangle, female triangle. Included on this vid are gunting/scissor counters 1-beat, 3-beat, and DM Serrrada Counters. Watch Video

  9. DM hip six count siniwali. Forehand and backhand with the "Ballestra" footwork.  Watch Video

  10. Espada y daga, long and short Defensor Method drill.  Watch Video

  11. Stick dummy is a drill where one partner strikes, while the other uses his sticks like targets for the striking partner. Watch Video

  12. This version of the stick dummy drill is for tempering the hands, wrists, and arms. Watch Video

  13. This is one example of armored full contact stick fighting. This was done on the beach, and sand is not so easy to move in.  Watch Video

  14. Guru Richard Draney y Sifu Jason W. Brigham Noviemre del 2007.   Watch Video

  15. Mas del seminario noviembre 2007.  Watch Video

  16. Panatukan/Panuntukan to Dumog. DM Boxing to Grappling       Watch Video

  17. Katipunan 2009 Demo w/ Nate Defensor & Chris Dino  Watch Video

  18. Sarong Defense versus 1-2 Combo punch.   Watch Video

  19. Katipunan 2009 Demo by Mas Guru Greg Alland Watch Video

  20. Katipunan 2009 Demo by Shihan/Guro John Kovacs Watch Video

  21. Invitation to Katipunan 2009. Watch Video

  22. 5-Guntings of Defensor Method Pangamut/Panuntukan. Watch Video

  23. Panatukan drill clip w/ Thomas Giles. Watch Video

  24. 12-Count Double Stick drill. Watch Video

  25. Defensor Method 4-bamboos. Watch Video

  26. Empty hand sinawali applications. Watch Video

  27. Bamboo drill with a partner. Watch Video

  28. Empty vs Stick sinawali applications.  Watch Video

  29. Forehand-Forehand-Forehand Sinawali Drill.  Watch Video

  30. Basic Female Triangle explained w/ two-stick drill.  Watch Video

  31. DM Warmups with Witik doublestick cardio-mode.  Watch Video

  32. More DM Warmups w/ two sticks.  Watch Video

  33. Nate Defensor and Shaun Burley at Katipunan 2009 Pambuan Arnis.  Watch Video

  34. Skokie Festival of Cultures Demo 2015. Watch Video


For videos contact Jason Brigham at 630-488-2834 or email.